Man in hospital after ‘scary’ spider attack

The false black widow spider which attacked Skegness man Shaun Middlebrook in his kitchen

A Skegness dad-of-two ended up in hospital yesterday after a venomous spider attacked him in his own home.

Shaun Middlebrook was just cleaning up in his kitchen when then false widow spider lunged at him from a sponge he picked up - and bit him on his finger.

Friends on Facebook identified the spider for them, with many urging the couple to seek medical help.

They rushed to Skegness Hospital where he received treatment.

Speaking to The Standard, his wife Dee called the incident ‘scary’, adding: “The hospital just advised that if he had any further pain or swelling then to go back for antibiotics. We were both worried about the bite, as you never know how they can affect people.”

She added: “We were just so relieved it didn’t bite any of our children.”

Described as ‘Britain’s most venomous spider’, the false widow is believed to have been in the UK for about 100 years, since being brought over on bananas from the Canary Islands.

Experts say the arachnids are not aggressive and only bite in defense, causing a sting and swelling no more harmful than that of a bee or wasp. However, some people may have an allergic reaction to their sting.

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