Humpty picture perfect at home of local photographers

Left to right: Glyn Bagley, Humpty, and Martin Wrate.
Left to right: Glyn Bagley, Humpty, and Martin Wrate.

An iconic figure from the nation’s TV screens arrived in Skegness today (Thursday, May 29).

The famous new resident of the seaside town, the egg-faced ‘Humpty’, from past Children’s TV Show ‘playschool’, had his first glimpse of his new town this afternoon.

And as promised, the Skegness Standard were prive’ to one of his first photo shoots.

The good old egg sat on a wall in true showbiz fashion to strike the familiar pose which has made him a household name all over the world.

Clearly, the 50-year-old character has not lost it and put all his years of television work and stardom to good effect for this cracking shot.

The cuddly toy was recently bought for £6,250 from Bonhams auctioneers, Oxford, by Lincolnshire photographers Wrates Bagley Scholastic photographers, who have over 150 years of history in Skegness.

Managing director of Wrates, Martin Wrate, 45 and business partner Glyn Bagley, 42, thought that the company needed a mascot and after Glynn, who saw the mascot was up for sale, decided to bid for it.

Martin Said: “We’ve already had two offers to buy him, but we’ve turned them down, we’ve really fallen for him.”

The pair bought the toy to accompany them when taking school photographs to put a smile on the faces of teachers and pupils.

“Humpty was going to be kept at a vault in Harrods, London, where some of our old Wrates photographs are kept, but Glyn and I have really got attached to him, so he will spend his time between our homes and offices in Skegness and Newark, spending his summer holidays in Skegness,” said Martin.

“The response to Humpty has been amazing, and he’s already proved his worth by being asked to appear at various places,” he continued.

The company plan to use him for charitable purposes and 20 percent of his appearance fees will be split between Beaumond House Community Hospice, Newark, Skegness RNLI, Cancer Research UK and Children in Need.

With many people who reside in Skegness coming to relax and unwind, Martin confessed: “Despite his ripe old age for an egg, we’ve brought him out of retirement.”