Caterpillar warning issued

Brown-tailed moth caterpillar.
Brown-tailed moth caterpillar.

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust ( LWT) have issued caution over large numbers of brown-tailed moths on the reserve.

Contact with the caterpillar hairs can cause skin irritation.

Warning signs have been put up arround the nature reserve and on noticeboards to warn walkers and the public in the area of the potential dangers.

The sign reads: ‘CAUTION There are large numbers of brown-tailed moth caterpillars on the reserve. Contact with caterpillar hairs can cause skin irritation.Please keep clear of the sea buckthorn’.

The caterpillars should be avoided, especially when you can see their little white ‘tents’ or nests.

Brown-tailed moths live within these web-like tent structures on bushes, often in sea bucthorn and feed on the leaves.

The caterpillars are covered in small brown hairs that can break off easily.

These hairs irritate the skin, in some cases severely.

Respiratory problems may also be causes if airborne hairs are inhaled.

Rashes are like severe nettle rash.

Avoid any contact and if other symptons are experienced or the irritation persists, medical advice should be sought.