Belly-busting breakfast challenge

The humongous Windy's breakfast.
The humongous Windy's breakfast.
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A veteran competitive eater from Birmingham made a 250-mile round trip recently to tackle what is thought to be ‘Skegness’ Biggest Fry Up’ at Windy’s Cafe on Drummond Road

Weighing in at 27 stone 12lbs, 27-year-old Steven Bradburn heard about the challenge when it was posted on a specialist ‘food challenge website’.

The challenge has been attempted by 24 previous competitors who have so far failed to complete the calorific challenge of eating the mass of a plate laden with 12 bacon rashers, 12 sausages, six eggs, five black puddings, four slices of bread and butter, four toast, four slices of fried bread, four hash browns, a four egg and cheese mixed omelette, sautéed potatoes, mushrooms, a bowl of beans and a bowl of tomatoes.

And all this had to be consumed within 45 minutes in order to complete the challenge.

Pick up your copy of the Skegness Standard today (Wednesday, October 22) to see how Steven got on and keep looking online throughout the week for our exclusive video footage of Skegness’ big breakfast challenge.