Appeal after message in bottle from Skegness washes up in Norway

Where the letter in the bottle was found.
Where the letter in the bottle was found.

An appeal has been made to trace the former Skegness resident behind a message in a bottle which washed up on a Norwegian coastline.

Ole Kr Ruud, 72, of Mandal, Norway, contacted The Standard over the letter, sent from Skegness on October 18, 2014 and found 425 miles away, on the far side of the North Sea, more than six months later.

The letter in the bottle, sent from Skegness and found in Norway.

The letter in the bottle, sent from Skegness and found in Norway.

It reads: “This bottle was thrown in the sea at Skegness on 18th October, 2014. Could the finder please let me no where and when it was found.”

It is signed Caris Humble, of Lincoln Road, Skegness, and also includes a drawing of a passenger liner – possibly the Titanic, as it appears to have a figure standing on the bow of the vessel in the style of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the Oscar-winning film of the same name. That said, it does have ‘Caris’ emblazoned on its port side and has one fewer smokestack than the Titanic, so perhaps it is a different ship with merely a Titanic fan on board.

Ole found the letter from Caris on May 1, 2015, while out walking, describing it as his ‘first bottle-post’.

“Inside the bottle was a polythene bag and that made me curious. Inside this, I found the letter,” he remembered.

In replying to Caris, Ole said: “I told that it was found near by the southernmost lighthouse on mainland, Lindesnes, in a creek west of the lighthouse. A famous lighthouse for tourists.”

However, Ole received a reply to say Caris had ‘gone away’ and would go on to forget about the letter.

Then, after rediscovering it recently, Ole contacted The Standard to see if the paper could help get a reply to Caris.

“I’m very grateful if you are able to find the sender and give me a new address,” he said.

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