96-year-old wins Snowboarding gold in mock winter Olympics

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When the Winter Olympics kicked off in Sochi, the Railway Tavern in Aby, Alford, invited their locals to participate in some fun events.

The Railway Tavern is renowned for holding its own version of the games and this is the third winter games to be held at the pub.

The ‘Aby Winter Games Weekender’, consisted of three events, Snowboarding, Winter Games Pool and Snowball Sledging and anyone could take part over three evenings.

Organisers had covered the pool table with white wadding, to create a snow scene with various obstacles to play around.

The fastest clearance of all the balls on the table would be in line for a medal.

The Snowball Sledging was created using a baking tray as the sledge with woollen snowballs

balanced on top and a slalom course to complete against the clock while trying to keep as many of the snowballs on the sledge as possible, the fastest time and if possible all the snowballs left on to win.

The third event was Snowboarding, which was using a game with snow boarders that jump onto

a slope with various scores dependant on where the snowboarders land.

John Osgerby was the star snowboarder scoring 75 points; John is 96 and loved participating.

A special award, best ‘giggle of the games’, went to Paula Parker for her Snowball Sledging run. It was the fastest time, but unfortunately Paula lost all the snowballs very early in the run and then decided to make the fastest dash around the course with an empty sledge in tow, she had everyone in fits of laughter.

The tavern thanked Keith Atkinson from Louth Trophy Centre for supplying the medals and trophy again.