Off-duty RNLI lifeguard rushes to help collapsed man in Skegness

RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor, Arun Gray. Credit: RNLI. ANL-170517-161201001
RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor, Arun Gray. Credit: RNLI. ANL-170517-161201001

A man who collapsed in a carpark on a night out in Skegness is recovering after being helped by an off-duty Royal National Lifeboat Instition lifeguard.

RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor Arun Gray was also heading home from a night out when he spotted a crowd gathering around a man who was lying on the ground. His lifesaving instincts kicked in and he rushed to help.

The man, thought to be in his early twenties, was drifting in and out of consciousness and experiencing seizures.

Although the casualty’s friends had phoned for an ambulance, they gratefully accepted Arun’s assistance, as they were unaware of how to help him.

Arun performed a casualty care check before ensuring that the man’s airways were open. He then supported the man’s head with a jumper and kept him in a stable condition until the paramedics arrived.

After receiving further treatment in hospital, the man has since been discharged.

Arun said: “As an RNLI lifeguard your lifesaving skills are transferrable. Even when you’re off-duty, the instinct to help someone never leaves you.

“I could see that the man was in severe difficulty and that his friends were panicking and didn’t know how to help.

“I’m really pleased that I was passing by and was able to step in. T

“The extensive casualty care training that our charity provides us with ensured that I was able to assess the scene quickly and ensure that it didn’t escalate into a life-threating situation.

“Thankfully, I was able to keep the man in a stable condition until the paramedics arrived.’

RNLI lifeguards will start their daily patrols on Skegness and Mablethorpe beaches from May 27 until September 10. A seven-day-a-week service will then commence at Ingoldmells and Sutton-on-Sea from July 8 until September 10.*