Objection to hotel plan for care home in Skegness

Planning news.
Planning news.

A plan to convert part of a care home in Skegness into a hotel has failed to win support.

Mr J R Kodali has made a change of use application to provide a hotel at Woodside Care Home in Lincoln Road.

However, Skegness town councillors at their planning meeting last week objected on grounds of noise and access to and from site.

Also failing to win support was a plan by Mr B Clayton to build 13 dwellings on land in Everingtons Lane, Skegness.

But there were some winners. Gaining support were:-

Ms S Saunders, erection of a detached garage/storage outbuilding for domestic use, on site to be demolished. 85 Burgh Road, Skegness.

Mr D Ellerby, change of use of former taxi office for the sale of antiques and collectables. 36B Roman Bank, Skegness.

Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd (CTIL), erection of one monopole on existing base with three antennas. Existing monopole on Albert Road, Skegness, to be removed.

Mr F Kennell, outline erection of up to seven dwellings (with means of access to be considered), 44 Burgh Old Road, Skegness.

Mr J Parvin, rear extension to existing dwelling to provide a living room with a dressing room and en-suite, 14 Norwood Road, Skegness.

Mr D Ellerby, consent to display one non-illuminated fascia sign on existing building, 36B Roman Bank, Skegness.

Mr and Mrs P Streather, extension to existing dwelling to provide a dining room and enlarged bedroom on site of existing conservatory, which is to be demolished, 120 Beresford Avenue, Skegness.