Ninety-two jobs at risk as Glisten confectionery firm proposes to move manufacturing from Skegness to Leicester and Czech Republic

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General News.

A confectionery company based in Skegness could be set to move the majority of its manufacturing to its plants in Leicester and the Czech Republic, putting up to 92 jobs at risk.

Glisten has announced that it will enter into a 45 day consultation with staff from tomorrow (Thursday) at its Skegness plant. If a move is confirmed the transfer would be carried out by the end of the year.

One employee, wishing to remain anonymous, has said they have heard ‘rumours flying around for weeks’ and there has been ‘tension in the factory’.

“You could feel the tension, it’s worrying, there’s 92 people working there and I know they’ve said they can look to relocate to other factories but the travelling would be too much for some people, I don’t think many of them will,” they said.

“It will be worrying not to have a job near Christmas time, should we look for jobs now? I don’t know,” they added.

Glisten has said it will look carefully into all options and is committed to ensuring that roles will be available to all 92 employees at other sites within the UK.

Mark Adcock , Glisten Managing Director, said: “Should this proposal go ahead, it is expected that all roles at Skegness will be secure until the end of the year. Beyond that date, we are committed to ensuring that roles will be available to all 92 employees at our other sites within the UK.

“We recognise, of course, that this will not be a feasible or desirable option for some people, but we will ensure that every member of staff is supported through this process and given as much information as possible about the opportunities available.”

Following the announcement, Councillor Craig Leyland Portfolio Holder for Economic Development at East Lindsey District Council, said: “We are extremely sad to hear of this business proposing to move its operations away from Skegness and the possible loss of employment that this could entail.

“Both Glisten, and before that Fravigar, have been synonymous with sweet production in Skegness for 85 years, providing employment for hundreds of people during this time.

“In the current economic climate it is getting more and more difficult for businesses to survive which is why we are supporting schemes such as the Rural Development Fund, to offer a helping hand to new and existing businesses in the hope that they can continue to grow and thrive, offering more job opportunities to local people.

“We will work closely with Job Centre Plus to provide all the support we can to help anyone affected by any future changes at the company.”

Glisten has said it needed to invest further to meet the demands of major retail customers who were fundamental to the growth of the business.

“We have looked carefully at all the options, taking into account the cost and feasibility of developing the Skegness site for future growth and the fact that there is spare capacity available at our other production facilities, but we have assured our employees that we are still discussing and considering all available options during the consultation period,” added Mark Adcock for Glisten.

The 45-day consultation period at the Glisten plant will commence tomorrow with staff council representatives and all members of staff will be given the opportunity to have an individual consultation meeting with directors.

Glisten is one of the UK’s leading independent confectionery manufacturers and part of the Raisio Group. Established for over 100 years, it produces an extensive range of private label and branded boiled sweets, gums, jellies, toffees, chocolates and popcorn for UK retailers.