New Skegness Carnival royalty to head anti-bullying campaign

Skegness Carnival King and Queen Spencer Oliver Dorn and Cailey-Ann Calladine, ANL-181008-074631001
Skegness Carnival King and Queen Spencer Oliver Dorn and Cailey-Ann Calladine, ANL-181008-074631001

A new king and queen are preparing to take the crowns for this year’s Skegness Carnival - and head a new anti-bullying campaign.

Cailey-Ann Calladine, aged 13, and Spencer Oliver Dorn were chosen by the carnival committee at the final meeting before the Sunday’s parade,

Gary Starr, chairman of Skegness Carnival Committee, said: “Our royalty over the past year have done an amazing job promoting the Skegness carnival at countless events and we’d like to thank them for all their hard work and wish them every success in the future.

“We decided to change the criteria for entrants this year to recognised outstanding contribution or achievements. The competition was open to absolutely anyone and the committee have chosen two people to represent the carnival who we feel will be perfect ambassadors for both the carnival, Skegness and our new anti-bullying campaign, ‘Bullying – It’s not OK #bullyingitsnotok”

“Our message this year will be to promote Peace, happiness and unity in Skegness.”

CARNIVAL QUEEN - Cailey-Ann Calladine - Age 13

“I live in Skegness. My hobbies are dancing singing playing the guitar and reading Harry Potter books.

“I have ADHD, but I manage it and will not let it define who I am. I have been bullied in the past, but now I want to help others overcome bullies and promote anti-bullying. I’ve seen my mum be very poorly and, also, she’s disabled, so I do my best to help her out and care for her.

“My dreams and ambitions are to help promote anti-bullying and be a singer and work as an entertainer.

“I feel I will represent Skegness carnival for the year by showing that I am good person and it doesn’t matter who you are. With positivity you can achieve all the things you want to achieve in life.”

CARNIVAL KING - Spencer Oliver Dorn - Age 9

“I love to perform! I am currently appearing in Mr Fips Wonder Circus as Tom Thumb plus I’m a member of the Embassy Theatre Academy and Neverland Performers where I recently played Baloo Bear.

“I have Achondroplasia which is a form of dwarfism. I have overcome many hurdles in my life but the main one is I was told I wasn’t going to walk until I was five years old at least but I achieved this at the age of two-and-a-half years old.

“My dream is to one day star in film and be on TV, for example Star Wars as I am a big Star Wars fan.

“I will represent Skegness carnival with a bunch of smiles and lots of happiness. I also want to help promote anti-bullying and feel I will be a great ambassador”

The new Royalty will ride on the carnival’s Skegness Seasider bus in the parade, which starts from Tesco Car Park at 1pm on Sunday and follows a route around the town centre and seafront. They will be officially crowned on stage in the new crowning ceremony to be held in Tower Gardens in the afternoon.

Outgoing Rosebud, Jasmine, said: “Thank you for the year as the Carnival Rosebud. I have enjoyed representing the town and have made many memories and friends and had a wonderful year. Good luck to the new king and queen - enjoy every moment as it soon passes.”