New group wants you in spotlight

Steve Mitchell outside the Savoy Hotel in Skegness. ANL-151112-171633001
Steve Mitchell outside the Savoy Hotel in Skegness. ANL-151112-171633001

A former paramedic, who gave it all up and found success in the theatre spotlight, hopes to uncover the hidden talents of Skegness residents by putting on a show to raise money for local land, sea and air charities.

Nottingham-based Steve Mitchell wants to share the opportunities he has given others by setting up a theatre group in the resort he has come to love. He said: “My background is in frontline emergency work, working with the East Midlands Ambulance Service.

“After 20 years I felt I had had enough and set up a training company called Steve Mitchell Training Associates, based in Nottingham, teaching first aid and AED training and providing services for medical professionals.

“I do a lot of work in the Skegness area, working with a colleague in the hospitality business. Alongside this, after doing a lot of work in acting, we set up an organisation called Aspex. One of the performances was a show called Smike, based on Nicholas Nickleby, which was written by Simon May, who writes themes for TV series such as EastEnders, Howards Way and Trainer.

“From that he asked us to perform a show in Nottingham supporting his concert and he became our patron for several years.”

Aspex takes amateur performers and anyone interested in theatre and develops their skills. A European grant of £7,000 to help run the organisation in Nottingham resulted in four members turning professional and one teaching Shakespeare in Eastern Europe.

Although this was successful, Aspex took a break of several years, but now intends to set up a new theatre group in Skegness.

Steve said: “I love Skegness and come here at the drop of a hat. Being offered the Savoy Hotel for auditions and rehearsals was too good an opportunity to miss. When the show is good enough we hope to take it to the Embassy Theatre.

“We are looking for anyone interested in the theatre - there are lots of ways people can get involved even without even being in the spotlight.

“The show will be based on land, sea and air and raise money for local charities.”

Auditions start at the Savoy Hotel on North Parade on Thursday, January 7, at 7pm. For more details call Steve Mitchell on 079767578251 or Anna on 0115 9413070.