New District Council website launch

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East Lindsey District Council has launched its new website which it says will make it easier for local people to access Council services and information online.

The website address will remain the same, found at

The website has seen a major overhaul, including an improved structure and less cluttered appearance.

The site has been designed to make it easier to use for those accessing it on a tablet computer or mobile phone, with the content automatically changing to fit the screen, making navigating the site much easier.

Leader of East Lindsey District Council, Councillor Doreen Stephenson, said: “We have created a website that is more functional and logical than our previous site.

“Taking advantage of modern technology our website will be more interactive and easier to navigate, allowing residents and businesses to find the information they need much more easily. This is the start of what will be an ongoing programme of improvements to make more services available online for the benefit of customers.”

The District Council’s website currently receives around 630,000 visits per year, a 25 per cent increase since 2012.

Communications Manager at the Council, James Gilbert, added: “Refreshing the website has provided us with an important and exciting opportunity to rethink the way we present our information online, particularly how it is structured to ensure information is easy to access and understand.

“Whilst we recognise that many people do still contact the Council through more traditional channels, such as telephone, we are continuing to see significant increases in the number of people using our website, particularly from a mobile phone, which now accounts for around 30 per cent of all visits to the site.”