New Alford Troop shop opens

Ron the Gnome Troop Support
Ron the Gnome Troop Support

A SUCCESSFUL charity supporting wounded soldiers has opened an additional shop to keep up with the huge level of support it has received from the people of Alford.

Lincolnshire Troop Support celebrated the opening of its new premises at the Old Sorting Office, Park Lane, with a visit from local celebrity Ron the Gnome.

The charity’s Derek Birkbeck said: “The Lincolnshire people, especially those from Alford and the visitors to the shop should be proud of themselves, for even though the money is short they have still given.

“It might not seem like much compared to some of the bigger charities but I for one am proud of what we have all achieved and the support we have received from.”

The charity has so far raised more than £25,000 to help injured soldiers and their families as they recuperate in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

Due to the exceptional level of donations from local supporters, Derek and his volunteer helpers decided another shop was required to store all of the goods for sale.

Coun Jeremy Webb, who has been a great supporter of the charity, offered the new unit at a reduced rental cost.

Derek hopes that with the new shop and the continued support from Local donors, they will eclipse £30,000 this year.

If you have any bric-a-brac to donate either visit the shop or contact Derek on 07761432651.