Natureland Seal Sanctuary rescues pup from Ingoldmells beach

The rescued seal pup.
The rescued seal pup.

Natureland Seal Sanctuary has rescued a sick pup from the beach in Ingoldmells.

The pup was discovered early on Saturday morning and was taken to the Skegness site for treatment for lungworm.

“We received a phone call from a member of the public at around 8.30am reporting a stranded seal pup on the beach at Ingoldmells,” said the sanctuary’s Duncan Yeadon.

“Our staff attended and found the pup was very weak and underweight. It was also bleeding around its nose and had shallow breathing - which indicated that the pup had lungworms.

“Lungworms are a parasite that are passed on from the fish that the seals eat and they live in the “breathing tubes” of the seal.

“They make breathing very difficult for the seal and also make it difficult for them to hold their breath long enough to dive under water to catch their fish. So, if left untreated, the seal would eventually die.

“Fortunately, after the seal is given a worming injection, the worms are coughed up and recovery is usually good. It is early days for this pup but we have high hopes for a succesful outcome.”