Mum’s vow to end parking hell outside Skegness school

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A mother of two disabled children living opposite a Skegness school says she is so tired of parents parking outside her home she is prepared to take the local authority to court.

Gail Sandles says she moved to Cavendish Road in 2011 unaware of the parking problems she would face at school run times outside Skegness Junior and Infants Academy.

However, despite making numerous complaints to Lincolnshire County Council and the school, it was the last straw when her disabled son, Thomas, got a second parking ticket since getting his driving licence in January because he couldn’t park outside his home.

Gail said: “My disabled son may be 23 but he’s vulnerable. I’m disabled too and we shouldn’t have to park miles away from our home just because parents are stealing our space.

“I’ve asked the school why they can’t let parents park in the car park but they say it is for health and safety reasons.

“But I’ve witnessed several near misses where cars have screeched to a halt because a child has run out into the road and they couldn’t see because of the cars - they are all recorded on my CCTV.

“We got CCTV for car insurance reasons because we have to park on the road but why should other people benefit from it and not us?

“We just feel discriminated against. It was the last straw when my disabled son who can drive got his second parking ticket after getting his licence in January.

“I’ve had enough now and am planning to talk to a solicitor about taking the county council to court. Maybe then they will listen.”

A spokesman for Greenwood Academy Trust which sponsors the school said they were working with Lincolnshire County Council to alleviate the problem. However, the spokesman said: “It wouldn’t be appropriate for us to comment on this particularly as the reader is planning to pursue legal action.”