Mum organises fundraiser to say thank you to hospital teams who saved her baby

Shannon Elliott with baby Olivia and partner Zach. ANL-180823-172455001
Shannon Elliott with baby Olivia and partner Zach. ANL-180823-172455001

A mum has praised the quick thinking of hospital medical teams when her baby was seconds away from dying.

Shannon Elliott gave birth to a healthy 8lb 5oz daughter, Olivia, on Saturday, June 30. Now she is planning a fundraiser for Lincoln Hospital and the children’s ward at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, where her baby was cared when a dairy intolerance left her screaming in pain and caused her skin to peel and bleed.

A matter of seconds and we would not have Olivia here with us today

Mum Shannon Elliott

Finally enjoying family life at the home in Chapel St Leonards she shares with her partner Zack and Olivia’s big sister Sophia, Shannon said: “I went to Pilgrim maternity ward on the Friday to be induced but the doctor scanning me said this wouldn’t be possible as my baby was breach. It was suggested that I could have a relaxing drug into my hand, then have my baby turned and I agreed.

“However, the consultant that does this was on holiday, so I asked if there was anyone at Lincoln. I was sent home whilst they found out. As I got home I got a phone call saying I need to get to Lincoln maternity ward for the following morning.

“After arriving at Lincoln we were made aware that the cord was sat at the bottom, so as soon as my waters go I would have an umbilical cord prolapse.

“We were taken up on maternity and several hours later I went into labour. Upon the midwife’s fast thinking I was rushed to outside the theatre rooms but to wait four hours as I had just eaten my tea. At 11.30pm, Olivia’s heartbeat went down to 90 and within seconds we was surrounded by a surgical team and rushed straight through for emergency ‘c section’ category one.

“A matter of seconds and we would not have Olivia here with us today. There was a knot in her umbilical cord which was cutting off all supply to her. But at 11.37pm we had a healthy baby girl weighing 8lb 5oz.”

However, Olivia was not quite out of hospital care. Shannon said: “After leaving hospital Olivia was poorly and screaming in pain for four weeks. She had rashes on her skin which peeled her skin off and made her skin bleed, she would scream after her feeds and throw up then want more.”

After several trips to Pilgrim children’s ward, it was later discovered Olivia had a diary intolerance. After the team on the ward placed her onto a specialised milk she started to refuse feeds which meant Olivia was taken back into hospital to be tube fed.

Shannon added: “Now that we are home, and living a happy family life I’m doing a family fun day fundraiser for these two amazing teams at Lincoln maternity hospital and Pilgrim children’s ward for their fast thinking, their patience and their kindness, Olivia, me and our family are at home enjoying our family life and making amazing memories whilst these doctors, midwives and nurses carry on saving our children’s lives on a daily basis. A thank you goes a long way, but so does a donation.”

The fundraiser takes place at the Vertigo Lounge in Skegness, on Thursday, October 25, from 1pm to 4pm. Donations can also be made to the gofundme page at