Mum calls for change to law so kids aren’t left alone in cars

Amanda Ward who is speaking out about children being left in cars.
Amanda Ward who is speaking out about children being left in cars.

A dismayed mother is calling for a change to the law to make it illegal for babies to be left in a car on their own by their parents.

Amanda Ward, mum of a four-year-old boy, from Spilsby, went shopping with her parents at Boston’s Asda store when she spotted two young children alone in the car parked next to them.

This was at about 9.45am and, concerned, she waited until the driver, who she assumes was their mother, returned at about 10am.

She confronted the woman who responded by sticking two fingers up at her.

Amanda said she was appalled to see the children – who she estimates were six/seven months and 18 months old – left alone.

She was equally staggered to see that there is no clear law on how long children can be left alone and at what age it is safe to do so when she tried to report the matter to the police and social services.

She said: “As a parent myself I am absolutely disgusted that no law is being broken. I am going to start a campaign to get this changed.”

The law does not set a minimum age at which children can be left alone but it is an offence to do so when it puts them ‘at risk’.

Amanda feels this should be made clearer with an ouright ban and feels parents should not leave young children ‘even for a few 

A police spokesman said people who spot young children left alone in a car should report the registration number to them immediately.

They added: “We would be very concerned to hear about any pre-school age children being left alone in a car. They are at risk of any number of dangers and hazards.

“We would investigate thoroughly any reports of that nature and if anybody sees such circumstances then phone us straight away so we can attend and protect the child.”