Mr Fips’ show was ’Wonderful’

Mr Fips Wonder Circus has extended its stay in the Skegness area and to celebrate is offering Standard readers a chance to win VIP tickets.
Mr Fips Wonder Circus has extended its stay in the Skegness area and to celebrate is offering Standard readers a chance to win VIP tickets.
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MR FIPS’ Wonder Circus, true to its name, was indeed wonderful.

It shocked me, made me laugh, entertained me and left one marvelled, from the opening curtain to the finale.

The wonderment of the circus begins when we are introduced to the circus’ resident clown Mr Fips and Senior Rose, the ringmaster.

During the show, we soon build up a rapport and fall in love with Mr Fips’ hilarious antics and mischievousness, as his tricks entertain and beguile; beneath the guise of the strict and impatient ringmaster, Senior Rose.

The two bounce off each other for the whole show and the duo’s comedy relationship becomes an ongoing feature of amusement for the audience - much to the annoyance of Senior Rose.

Moving away from this comical aside, at the start of the show, the audience are given a real treat, when Ulises, a magical ‘unicorn’ is paraded in the rink and silences the crowd with her beauty and grace.

The show is a very intimate affair, where the audience are close to the action, which often spills out into the stands, with gunge, water fights and comedy custard pie throwing galore!

Watch out! You might even get singled out and have to participate in the calamity!

The double aerial duo of Mei Li and Christina truly are an amazing act; displaying some of the most agile, and amazingly complex aerial routines, which one can hardly bare to watch as they dance before us suspended in the sky.

Alexandra Frerea, Spanish hand balancing and juggling extrordinaire is equally amazing as he shows us his astonishing balance and poise for his ‘hand balancing’ routines with remarkable balance and strength. Alexandra also juggles with fire and even in the dark!

Throughout the show, we also meet some of the interesting, gory, colourful and freakish characters who make up Mr Fips’ Wonder Circus and make it so special, such as: Dumbo and George and Carmella the camel.

In this traditional circus for the 21st century, featuring a potpourri of international artists, there really is something for eveyone.

As well as offering quality entertainment and good value for money for all the family, the pageantry is not solely aimed at children, but also caters for adults, as in addition, there is magic and illusion, contortionists, slapstick comedy routines of the highest order from the ‘Brenner clown’s’ and amazing acrobatic feats with grace and elegance from Matt Ryan day, using special fabric aerial ribbons and silks.

One of the ‘star-turns’ of the show, ‘the amazing spiderman’, also makes an appearance in a death-defying display of gravity defeating stunts, ‘superhuman’ strength, reflexes, and balance, using his web.

Then, believe it or not, there’s even Carolyn Roberts and her amazing dancing Andalusian horses!

I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend anyone making a visit. What’s more, it was really nice to see the small team at Mr Fips’ wonder circus enjoying themselves - while entertaining us. The circus was clean, tidy, well-appointed and the staff were very polite. It was quite evident to see that the members of the circus really enjoyed what they did. They certainly put a smile on my face!

l Review by Lee Croft