MP supports new role for police

CANDIDATES for an important new role of crime commissioner have been urged to come forward by MP for Boston and Skegness Mark Simmonds.

Crime commissioner candidates will be elected on 15 November 2012, heralding a new era in policing, whereby the power to hold forces to account will rest with elected representatives.

Mr Simmonds said: “This government is reforming the police to drive the fight against crime and disorder.

“The police and crime commissioner in Lincolnshire will restore the link between the police and and the communities they serve.

“He or she will give people across Boston and Skegness a real say in how their area is policed.

“As a party, we have already launched consultations with local associations about candidate selection and we look forward to seeing strong candidates come forward for these positions.”

The role involves setting force budgets and council tax precepts, appointing, removing and holding chief constables accountable and setting priorities for strategic plans.