Motorists killing wildlife claim

A CROFT resident is urging ‘speeding motorists’ to think of nearby wildlife while passing through a tight lane as many animals have been ‘hit’ as a result.

Several ducks with young, rabbits and even a swan have been killed in Croft Lane and Mr Philip Tatley says the 60mph speed limit is to blame.

“Callous motorists speeding along the lane are killing ducks, and they’re treating it like a race track,” said Mr Tatley.

“The road is 60mph and it’s narrow; five ducks were killed at the front of my house. It was a mother and her ducklings, they couldn’t have been more than a month old and the mother was distressed trying to look after her squashed young,” he added.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said generally on the issue of killing wildlife, “Whilst it is an offence under the Wildlife Act to deliberately kill a wild bird, two things are important here. Firstly, if the road is a 60mph speed limit and a driver abiding by that speed inadvertently runs over a duck, then they haven’t deliberately killed it - it was an accident. More importantly, ducks aren’t classed as wild birds within the law and are actually ‘poultry’.

“Likewise with rabbits. It’s an offence to snare or trap them or to kill them in a cruel way but roadkill is one of those facts of life and we wouldn’t create an incident for that.”

However, a dead badger should be reported to DEFRA, they added.

But Mr Tatley believes the road should be reduced to 30mph limit as the road is tight and he claims, two vehicles can only just pass each other.

“Sometimes the house shakes when a tractor passes by, it’s an old road and it’s busy,” he added.

The dyke which runs alongside Croft Lane makes for a pleasant wildlife spot and Mr Tatley says drivers are just ‘mowing’ the poor creatures down.

“I had to take some poor ducklings in after a driver hit their mother and it’s really upsetting for me, particularly when I saw a swan had been hit before,” explained Mr Tatley.

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