Motorist asks firefighter to move engine at five-vehicle accident in Ingoldmells

Firefighters were called to a four-vehicle accident near Fantasy Island.
Firefighters were called to a four-vehicle accident near Fantasy Island.

An impatient motorist has been condemned for asking firefighters to move a fire engine at the scene of a five-vehicle accident in Ingoldmells.

The incident took place after a Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue crew from Skegness was called to Sea Lane at 9.16pm on Saturday night.

Motorists were held up as firefighters assisted EMAS paramedics with first aid, made the vehicles safe and used special granules to absorb the fuel spillage.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue say the vast majority of public "are supportive" when they attend incidents.

However, on this occasion hundreds of people took to social media to make their feelings known about those stuck in traffic who were only thinking of where they needed to be.

One onlooker said on Facebook: "I hope the people and kids who were involved in the accident are all OK.

"But to the idiot who told the fireman to shift his truck because it was in the way of him and others getting out of Sea Lane (beach side), were you born stupid or did you grow up stupid?

"They were cutting people out of cars and helping parents with what I can only imagine was petrified kids.

"You were huffing and puffing because you have to wait a while."

However, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue said once the ,member of the public understood the situation the member of the public was "understanding".

Jason Lawley, Deputy Divisional Commander at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said the vast majority of people are supportive.

He told the Standard: "We'd like to thank all those people who were patient as we helped at this incident at the weekend.

"We know it can be frustrating if traffic or access is blocked when emergency services are attending incidents, but we will only ever do this for the safety and protection of those involved, as well as others in the vicinity. The vast majority of people are supportive of the actions we take, and understanding about any disruption."

Lincolnshire Police say the vehicles involved in the accident were a van, Vauxhall, BMW, Mondeo and a Toyota. Four people were taken to hospital and treated for none- life threatening injuries.

One man, the driver of the Mondeo, was arrested on suspicion of drink driving.