Mother thanks Good Samaritan who rescued son from Skegness assault

The mother of a young boy who was attacked in Skegness last week has thanked the Good Samaritan who came to her son’s rescue.

The 11-year-old was walking along Lincoln Road towards Grosvenor Road shortly after 3pm on Wednesday when he was allegedly assaulted by another boy while a group of friends looked on.

His mother, who didn’t wish to be named, says her son was rescued by a woman driving a silver 4X4 who stopped and took him away from danger, back to his home.

She said: “The woman stopped her car and asked them to stop attacking my son and walk away, she got him in the car and took him home.

“My son was very shook up and bruised - he went to Skegness Hosptial where they treated him for a head injury.

“We would like to thank the woman and if possible get in touch with her because if it wasn’t for her, it could have been a lot worse - we were very lucky.

“I think she was very brave to do it and to pick up a child and put them in their car.”

The young victim was unable to remember many details about his saviour other than that she was driving a silver ‘Land Rover type car’ and had two dogs in the back.

If you know the woman or were the good Samaritan in question contact the Standard on 01754 897120 or send an email to