Mother and daughter’s charity hair donation


A Skegness mother and daughter have pledged around seven inches of hair each to the Little Princess Trust.

The Trust is a registered charity and helps children who have lost their hair to cancer.

Married couple Ellie and Neil Roby, parents to 5-year-old Olivia, who attends Seathorne Primary, are no strangers to the disease, as Neil battled leukemia for two years.

In and out of hospital receiving treatment, Neil suffered hair-loss and experienced a lot of the trauma and camaraderie shared among cancer patients.

However, Neil said: “Adults tend to be separated from children when thinking about the disease. People don’t always consider that kids are going through cancer and losing hair.”

Without persuasion, Olivia recently decided that she wanted her hair cut.

When she spoke about it to her parents, her father recalled her words, when she said: “Daddy, shall we have it done for poorly people that don’t have hair?”

Inspired by family encounters, their hair will be cut for free at Hair Boutique by Jessica on World Cancer Day - February 4 - at 4pm. The hair will then be made into wigs by the trust.

Visit to donate to the fundraiser.