More than 89% in some areas of Skegness say part lighting has had negative impact

A suirvey on the impact of part lighting is to be discussed by Lincolnshire County Council's Scrutiny Panel. ANL-180217-074536001

More than 89% of residents in some areas of Skegness who took part in a survey on the impact of the part lighting of streets have said it has had a negative impact on their lives.

The survey was launched online by Lincolnshire County Council in November, with some areas of Skegness giving an above average response with more than four in 1,000 people taking part.

Across East Lindsey, 74.2% gave a negative and extremely negative response, with 27.2% relating this to work based shifts. There were `13.6 positive and extremely positive responses.

This compares with Boston with the highest negative response of 83.9% and just 8.5% positive responses.

The survey asked a number of questions to ascertain the impact of the change, both positive and negative and also allowed for feedback on any other exemptions that could be considered by the Scrutiny Panel.

Lincolnshire Police said there was no evidence to link part night lighting to an increase in crime and it was people’s fear of crime that needed to be addressed.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue also said there had been no negative impact on the service, as all fire engines were fitted with mast lights, torches and all firefighters helmets had LED lights installed.

The findings will be discussed at a meeting of the Panel at the County Offices in Lincoln, on Thursday, February 22, at 2pm.

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