‘Missing’ GCSE result left mum ‘devastated’

Kimberley Watkinson
Kimberley Watkinson

A student from Skegness feared her dream of training to be a nurse was in jeopardy after her GCSE result was delayed.

Kimberley Watkinson needed to pass GCSE maths to secure a place to study a nursing degree at the University of Lincoln.

But she was devastated to discover her result was missing when she arrived to receive it at Boston College on Thursday.

Attempts to find her result were initially unsuccessful before Kimberley was told the following day she had obtained the C grade required to gain her place on the course.

However, Kimberley was still left waiting for written confirmation from the AQA exam board to prove she had met the entrance requirements.

She said: “I was devastated and started crying when I found the result was missing. It felt like my world had fallen apart.Not having an exam result was worse than failing, I was planning to open it with my family and go and celebrate.

“A call was made to the university to explain the situation and I had to delay going on holiday because it had not been sorted out.”

Kimberley, 34, was given seven days to provide evidence she had obtained the grade.

The mum-of-four has been dedicated in pursuing her ambition of becoming a nurse and successfully completed an access course this year.

Kimberley, who left school with no qualifications, has a long standing ambition to be a nurse and hopes to work in a GP surgery.

She said: “I studied until four in the morning to get work done and achieve the results I wanted.

“I have fought my way up and done everything possible to achieve my dream. My family have been so understanding and supportive and I don’t want all this effort to have been for nothing. All the books and equipment have been purchased for the course, but my plans have been thrown up in the air.”

“I had a massive sense of achievement when I got the offer to study at university, it is such a difficult course to get onto. I have done everything possible, but it is out of my hands.”

An AQA spokesman said: “The college made a mistake when entering Kimberley for the exam, which is why she didn’t get her result straight away, we had her exam scripts, but no matching details for them. As soon as the college realised, they got in touch and we were able to match up Kimberley’s details and send her maths result on Friday. We’re on hand too if she needs us to contact Lincoln University about her result.”

Boston College Principal Amanda Mosek said: ““It was our priority to make sure the situation was sorted as quickly as possible for Kimberley.

“As soon as it came to light that Kimberley’s GCSE result had not been sent through, we had four members of our staff working to rectify the situation, contacting both Nottingham and Lincoln University to ensure Kimberley’s place was secured.

“Our staff immediately contacted AQA and Kimberley had her result the following day.

“We are very pleased Kimberley has accepted her well-earned place at Lincoln University and we wish her luck in her future studies.”