Met Office predicts another warm sunny weekend for Skegness

Winthorpe beach drenched in sunshine on Sunday afternoon.
Winthorpe beach drenched in sunshine on Sunday afternoon.

The warm sunny weather, which brought visitors flocking to the coast over the weekend is set to return from Friday - delighting tourism and businesses representatives alike.

The temperatures in Skegness topped 25 degrees on Sunday marking the warmest day of the year so far.

And the Met Office has forecasted the long-awaited good weather to continue this weekend as a band of high pressure looks set to dominate the meteorological outlook.

“It’s usually true to say that confidence in a weather forecast decreases the further out you look,” said a Met Office blogger.

“However, we have a situation at the moment where we are actually more confident in the detail for this weekend and beyond rather than over the next few days.

“This is because we are seeing some very strong signals for high pressure to dominate the weather from around Friday and then persist for several days afterwards..”

The mercury is expected to nudge beyond 30 degrees in certain areas of the country, topping Sunday’s national

Following a lackluster start to the season and the coldest spring in 50 years, hoteliers and businesses reliant on the weather have welcomed the positive outlook.