MET crime talk at Probus

SIXTY members of Skegness Ladies’ Probus Club were entertained by the exploits of former Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Brightmore when he addressed their latest meeting recently.

A retired head of the Murder Squad for North London in the Metropolitan Police, he holds the record for the highest British seizure on the mainland for £58 million worth of heroin and for the largest payment to an informant at £385,000.

He also spent two years in Sicily dealing with the Mafia and was brought into Scotland Yard in the 70s as one of the incorruptible officers appointed when Sir Robert Mark cleaned up the corruption that was rife in the Drug Squad by replacing 50 per cent of the staff.

He regaled the members with tales of run-ins with notorious drug delaers linked to the Krays.

Such tales, told with drama and humour, showed the courage of the Force and its members.

The next luncheon will be held on February 23, when Mr Yeadon will talk about ‘Seal Rescue’.