Meet cute seal pup Wiggins!


THIS week Seal Watch is back with the tale of one of Natureland Seal Sanctuary’s cutest pups - the one and only Wiggins.

The cute harbour seal was born back in August,and his father, Sammy, had been a star attraction up until his passing late last year. Many were saddened over Sammy’s death at the age of 30 but Wiggins will hopefully take some of his charming character on.

The new arrival was born early on August 22, and was named Wiggins after the gold-medal winning cyclist Bradley, in keeping with Natureland’s Olympic themed naming convention for 2012.

In honour of his famous father, however, he was also given the ‘middle’ name of Sammy.

“We were slightly concerned at first because we were not sure if Wiggins was getting enough milk from his mother Victoria but sure enough it started to come,” said Duncan Yeadon for Natureland.

“After a few weeks, Victoria then stopped producing milk and Wiggins was slightly underweight, so we took him and put him in the hospital pool where we introduced him to fish,” added Duncan.

From there, staff were able to teach Wiggins to hand feed and since then he has been learning to catch fish in the water.

“It took him a few weeks but he’s putting on weight and doing very well now,” explained Duncan.

So confident with the pup’s progress, that Wiggins is set to be moved to the rearing pool with the other babies as of this week.

“When he reaches about 30 kilograms, we will look to release him into the wild, hopefully by Chrismas, depending on his progress and the weather,” said Duncan.

The staff at Natureland have also recently rescued two swans, a three-month-old seal pup from Chapel Point and a guillemot.