Meerkats to join Natureland’s merry menagerie by Easter

A MOB of meerkats will soon be joining the merry menagerie at a Skegness seal sanctuary.

Natureland is preparing to welcome three of the cute critters at Easter in the hope they will get along well as a colony and rear many adorable pups.

Director Duncan Yeadon is looking forward to welcoming the new arrivals and hopes they will prove to be a very popular visitor attraction.

He said: “We’ve wanted to do it for several years because they are very appealing creatures and following the well known advertising campaign they seem to have become everyone’s favourite animal.

“They are very active creatures and do very well in captivity so we’re hoping they will enjoy their new home.”

A recent refurbishment carried out at the popular tourist attraction provided the ideal opportunity to create a space for the new visitors.

The former bird aviary, home to the budgies and cockatoos, has been demolished and relocated to a new spot, creating space for the meerkat enclosure to be built.

Meerkats are naturally inquisitive creatures which like to perch on high ground and so the purpose built enclosure will provide plenty of tall structures for them to climb.

There will also be a viewing window enabling visitors to get up close to the fascinating creatures and a winter shelter to keep the mammals, normally found in Africa’s Kalahari Desert out of the cold.

At full capacity the enclosure will accommodate up to 15 meerkats but as they are very social creatures with structured hierarchies, Natureland decided it would be better to allow a family to establish itself from scratch rather than relocate an existing mob in its entirety.

The three meerkats due to arrive at Easter are already at breeding age.

It is hoped they will double their numbers in under a year, giving visitors plenty of opportunities to compare the meerkats with their fictional relatives from Meerkovo.