Mayor to stand down after ‘wonderful’ term

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George Saxon TzlD2a0x1Ju11y3SjPv_

A new Mayor of Skegness will be elected at the annual town council meeting next week.

Current mayor George Saxon will hand over the chains of office at the meeting on Thursday, May 21.

A presentation will be made to Mr Saxon, who stood down as a town councillor at last week’s local election, before the start of the meeting.

A new deputy mayor will also be appointed during the meeting at Skegness 
Town Hall, which starts at 7pm.

Mr Saxon said: “I would like to thank everybody in the town for their support for my wife Julie and I, it has been absolutely wonderful.

“People have been so nice and so kind and we have met so many residents of the town we had not known before.

“We have been able to support the work of organisations we had not been aware of previously and the work they do is fantastic.”

He added: “The role has been quite tiring at times, but that is what being mayor is all about.

“There are a lot of small organisations that do important work in the town and that deserve some publicity.”

“It is quite strange not being a councillor but still being mayor.”

In his final role as Mayor Mr Saxon will be attending the annual town meeting tonight (Wednesday) at 7pm.

He will be reporting on the work of the town council throughout his term of office and answering questions from members of the public.