Mayor ‘jailed’ for good cause

All those taking part in the jail and bail charity day.
All those taking part in the jail and bail charity day.

Shoppers looked on in disbelief as the Mayor of Skegness Jim Carpenter and several leading community figures were ‘arrested’ by police in a series of ‘raids’.

The town’s leading citizen was told he wasn’t doing enough for the community and he was taken straight off to jail by Pc Steve Ellis. Others soon followed and then had to plead for bail before they could be considered for release.

Luckily for the mayor and the town’s business owners, this was all part of an innovative stunt which aimed to raise funds for the local family support charity Home-Start East Lindsey.

Jail birds John Kirk was picked up In Kirks Quality Foods on High Street, Martin Brown from Visit the Seaside was nicked in the Yorkshire Trading store, Nick Squires, a father and nurse at Pilgrim Hospital, and Max Smith a father and caretaker at a local school, attempted to make a break for it to Compass Gardens but were soon clapped in irons and taken away.

Martin said: ”Most people said they’d never heard of Home-Start East Lindsey so this was a fantastic event that aimed to raise funds and awareness of the good work that it does.”

Home-Start supporters were out in force with their placards protesting The Skegness Six’s innocence and helping collect their bail money. After over two hours the jail birds, supported by Home-Start volunteers and the Skegness Lions, collectively raised sufficient funds to be released.

Kathryn Laverack, community liaison Co-ordinator of Home-Start East Lindsey, said: “This has been a great event which already raised proceeds of over £3,000 for our local family support work and donations are still coming in. I just want to say a really big thank you to everyone who made this event possible, particularly the Hildreds Centre, the Village Church Farm, the Skegness Police Cadets and police, the Skegness Lions and our six brave volunteers. Everyone really pulled together to get this event off the ground, it was great fun and we hope it is something we can do again.”

All money raised will help Home-Start in their support for local families.

To make a donation you can visit

If you would like further information about the work of Home-Start East Lindsey, staff will be available in a temporary unit in Hildreds Centre 10am–2pm until Friday or call them on 01507 610665.