Man jailed for attack on pub customer

Paul Clarke faces four charges relating to indecent images of children
Paul Clarke faces four charges relating to indecent images of children

A pub customer was confronted and beaten up as he made his way home after a night out, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

The victim had earlier loaned his attacker Joseph Small a cigarette lighter while chatting in a bar in Ingoldmells.

Stuart Lody, prosecuting, said: “They had an amicable conversation. Nothing else occurred between them until the victim was walking home by himself.

“A car driven by the defendant pulled up beside him and the passenger got out and grabbed him.”

The victim was struck a number of blows and ended up on the ground where he was kicked by both Small and the passenger.

The attackers then got into the car and drove awPay.

The victim suffered a fractured jaw and had to undergo an operation to insert a metal plate.

Small was identified as one of the men responsible for the attack after his car was filmed in the area by CCTV cameras. Police tracked him down to is home in the Sheffield area and his clothing was seized. Blood from the victim was found on a shoelace. Small made no comment when he was arrested. The second attacker was not identified.

Small, 22 , of Spinkhill Avenue, Richmond, Sheffield, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm as a result of the incident on March 15 2014. He was jailed for 14 months.

Paul O’Shea, defending, said that Small had turned around his life since the incident and no longer drinks excessively.

He said his client has a job and urged he should be given a suspended jail sentence.

But Recorder Graham Huston, passing sentence, told Small: “At the time of committing this offence you were to a certain extent out of control. This was a cowardly attack by two men on a lone victim, It was committed at night without any perceivable cause. It was an unnecessary, cowardly and shocking assault resulting in serious injury.”