Man caught smoking cannabis in Wainfleet ‘swore at police’

New from the courts. ANL-171114-120236001
New from the courts. ANL-171114-120236001

Police attending reports of a domestic incident in Wainfleet found a man smoking cannabis, who ran off when they tried to question him, a court has heard.

Phillip Joseph Briggs, 31, of Patten Close in the town, admitted bstructing the police when he appeared before magistrates in Boston.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said police were called to a property in Patten Close on October 17 and outside found Briggs and another man, apparently smoking a ‘joint’.

They established there was no ongoing incident inside the house so asked Briggs if indeed he was smoking cannabis and asked him to hand it over, but he refused.

He said “You’re not coppers, you’re public servants”, and swore at them.

Briggs then ran off towards Patten Lane, said Mr Clare, then stopped and adopted a fighting stance before running off again through people’s gardens before eventually being sprayed to force him to stop and be searched, by which time the ‘joint’ had gone.

He told the officers “I’ve been a dick,” said Mr Clare.

Mr Clare said there appeared to have been a domestic incident inside the house and Briggs and another man had gone outside to smoke a ‘joint’.

He said Briggs was on a community order imposed in July as a result of a previous incident and was also on alcohol abstinence monitoring.

Briggs, who was not represented, told the magistrates he did not want to say anything.

They told him he was ‘skating on thin ice and warned him they could have added to his community order.

Briggs, who is unemployed, was fined £80 and ordered to pay £115 in costs and charges.