Man caught banging on doors during Christmas night

News from the courts. ANL-190117-152828001
News from the courts. ANL-190117-152828001

David Morrissey probably wished he had ‘spent the day in bed’ on Christmas night, like his famous namesake, then he would not have had to spend the day in court answering to a charge of being drunk and disorderly!

Morrissey, 23, of Somersby Grove, Skegness admitted to being drunk and disorderly in the early hours of Boxing Day, when he appeared at Boston Magistrates Court.

Prosecuting, Jim Clare said he was found in Somersby Grove at around 4am, shouting and banging on house doors.

He said police found him to be ‘totally disorderly’ from the moment they found him and he was also seen to be suffering from facial injuries and spitting blood.

At his request they drove him to another road where he said he had family, but he wouldn’t tell them which house it was and was abusive, so they arrested him.

Morrissey told the magistrates that all he could remember of the night was ‘getting punched and being at the cop shop’.

He was given a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £105 in costs and charges.