Low rainfall leaves area parched but no plans for hosepipe ban

A LOCAL water firm has rubbished fears of a hosepipe ban in the wake of the area’s exceptionally dry spell.

Rainfall levels in and around Skegness in April were less than half as high as in the same month last year - and seven times lower than the wet spring of 2008.

The dry weather has already led to warnings of low reservoir levels in neighbouring areas.

Anglian Water has insisted it has no such problems in this area.

However, it’s a different story for local farmers, whose crops have suffered in the prolonged dry spell.

Phillip Odling, group secretary for the Spilsby National Farmers’ Union branch, said: “We’ve had little or no rain for nearly three months and it is now starting to affect the crops.

“The light land or sandy land area is suffering terribly. Especially the cereal crops. The clay land in the marsh areas, between Burgh le Marsh and Skegness are in general, bearing up but they are in need of rain.

“This has just compiled on the problems after the severe frost.”

In terms of local reservoir levels, Anglian Water stated they have no plans to introduce water restrictions and said that water levels were what they expected for this time of year.

John Clare, spokesman for Anglian Water, said: “At this stage, all our reservoirs and underground stores are where we would expect them to be for the time of year. As a result, we’re not expecting to have to introduce any restrictions on water use. It’s now 20 years since we had a hosepipe ban in the East of England, despite being the driest part of the UK, with two-thirds the average rainfall of the rest of the country. Nevertheless, we’d always advise people to conserve water. This kind of prolonged dry weather serves as a reminder that water is a precious commodity we often take for granted.”

Whereas, Brian Porter Met Observer for Skegness for the past 22 years, said: “It is unusual to get such a big jump in temperatures year on year for April but rain levels do vary quite a lot.”

He also continued to say that the idea of ‘April showers’ doesn’t have any baring and stated, generally April is not one of the wettest months.

In April, there was 6.4 millimetres of rainfall compared with 14.5 last year and 46.5ml in 2008.

Provisional Met Office records claim climate figures for last month were the warmest on record. Figures in Skegness show a maximum average day temperature for April of 15 celsius versus 12 last year.