Love at first sight for Diamond Wedding couple

Marjorie and Jack Jacobs. Photo by John Crossland.
Marjorie and Jack Jacobs. Photo by John Crossland.
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THE first sight of her husband, with his curly hair, tilted hat and Royal Air Force uniform, made her fall for him, she said.

Now the happy two have celebratied sixty years of wedded bliss and they say their love is still as strong as ever.

Marjorie 80, and John, known as Jack Jacobs 82, of Burgh le Marsh first met in a cafe in Boston where Jack invited her to the pictures and it all went from there.

Marjorie said: “When I first saw Jack I fell for him straight away, he had curly hair with a hat to the side of his head and an Air Force uniform on. We were at a dance in Boston and he was dancing with all the other girls. My friend’s boyfriend was Jack’s pal and she must have told him that I liked him and one day he came into a cafe I was in and asked me to the pictures.”

Jack was originally from London but was forced to move to Devon when they were bombed out during World War Two. His mum and dad then moved to Boston to work at the newsagents and the two boys who were war evacuees were then moved to Boston. Jack then later joined the Royal Air Force.

Marjorie was originally from Boston where she did a number of jobs for her father including jobs on the land.

The two then married at The Boston Stump in 1952 where Jack then worked as businessman travelling between Boston and Skegness daily. They then later moved to Skegness and later again to Burgh le Marsh.

Marjorie then went onto have twins which were sadly lost at birth and then gave birth two daughters Susan in 1957 and Linda six years later.

Susan, lives in Lincoln and is happily married to Warren where they have a 16-year-old son called Alex and Linda is happily married to Lawrence, also living in Burgh.

Marjorie and Jack plan to celebrate their happy day on Sunday with a party at home in Burgh with friends and family.

The Queen has also sent the happy pair a card to congratulate them on their diamond wedding anniversary.

Marjorie say’s of the secret of being happily married for 60 years, is their unconditional bond of friendship.

Marjorie said: “Jack never goes out without telling me he loves me or giving me a kiss. We are still very much in love after all these years. We are the best of friends and he is a very good husband.”