Lost World Adventure Park set to unveil exciting new attractions despite fire setback

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A Skegness adventure park will still be ready to reopen later this month despite a fire destroying a high tech hydraulic dinosaur, an owner confirmed.

The dinosaur at The Lost World Adventure Park, North Parade, which had broken in transit, caught alight after sparks from a grinding machine ignited the hydraulic fuel which had leaked onto the floor nearby.

Staff at the park, tried to control the flames but called Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue for assistance around 5pm yesterday (Tuesday).

“We had the dinosaur delivered and one of the legs had been damaged inside which leaked the hydraulics onto the floor,” said Bradley Carter owner of the site.

“We were working with a grinder some feet away and a spark ignited the fluid,” he added.

Despite the minor set back, the park looks set to open in the coming weeks and promises visitors the chance to take part in a 4D dinosaur experience.

“It’s a brand new attraction to the UK and visitors will have the chance to be cast back to a real dinosaur land,” Bradley explained.

“We have a couple more dinosaurs on route and it’s a shame we lost one but we will push on through and will open in the coming weeks,” Bradley added.

Visitors can look forward to a whole host of exciting attractions and activities including a new fossil find exhibit, free competitions and much more.

“We’ve put a lot of effort in the last six months and it will be really good,” said Bradley.