Look out for Kathryn and Labradoodle Fergus on channel 4 tonight, 5.30pm

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A new Channel 4 series, Superstar Dogs: Countdown to Crufts, will air on our television screens tonight.

The series began on Monday and is on for the next three weeks, weekdays on channel 4 at 5.30pm

Tonight, the show has a contestant from the Skegness area – Kathryn and her Labradodle Fergus. Kathryn’s heat is on this evening at 5.30pm.

Presented by John Barrowman, the series will tap into the UK’s affection for everything canine.

With dogs and their owners from all over the UK, competing in a number of challenges, leading to the final spectacular ‘Dogstacle Course’

The series promises to be full of sporting drama and entertainment and after weeks of competition, the eventual winner will be crowned at Crufts.

Kathryn, a duty officer at a centre for the Homeless, will compete with her Labradoodle, Fergus aged four.

Fergus has been trained to perform a number of domestic chores including pushing doors open, emptying clothes from the washing machine, fetching slippers and carrying the newspaper.

Fergus has had obedience classes and has taken part in scent training, which means he is able to detect explosives and bodies.

This is something they do for fun, and has led to him being able to find items in the house, like phone and keys.

When they are not training, Fergus and Kathryn spend their spare time visiting their local neurological centre where Fergus works as a registered PAT dog (pets as therapy), which brings comfort and companionship to many of its patients.