Long service gong for preacher at Methodist Church

Jim Dodsworth being presented his award by the Reverend Cecil Mundy.
Jim Dodsworth being presented his award by the Reverend Cecil Mundy.

A preacher who has spent 60 years at Skegness Methodist Church has been presented an award for his long service.

Jim Dodsworth, received the award from the Rev Cecil Mundy at a Sunday service last month.

Mr Dodsworth passed out aged 21 in 1954 - probably being the longest serving active preacher in the district.

Mr Dodsworth said that during this time, he had learned a lot, and hadn’t felt he was just serving the church but also the wider community.

He said: “It’s been very interesting at times. When I first started, we had to do a showcase play every month.”

He said people he met in Lincolnshire were ‘wonderful people, who preached as they lived, and lived as they preached’.

He said: “Having to prepare every Sunday for worship – that keeps the brain working.”

Mr Dodsworth also spent 20 years on the county council and eight years on the district council and also has a farm which he runs with his son.

He previously also spent time running a youth club in Wrangle.

Mr Dodsworth expressed thanks to family and friends, to wife Janet, for her support over the years, and to the congregation ‘for putting up with my sermons’.

Mr Dodsworth also expressed best wishes to Cecil and his wife Gwen, who will be leaving in September and also to Neil Baxter who had earlier been received as an accredited preacher.

He said ‘it was good to see green shoots appearing before the old wood had all been pruned away’.

The service ended with Holy Communion administered by Cecil assisted by Neil and Jim.