Local speaker, 83, embraces digital age for online talks

Joyce Stocks pictured with her son Michael Kerrigan. (Photo supplied)
Joyce Stocks pictured with her son Michael Kerrigan. (Photo supplied)
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A SON has praised his mother for her lifetime of achievements in the film industry and her love of giving inspirational talks.

Joyce Stocks, 83, was a career woman in the film and cinema industry and, for the past 11 of her 23 years in retirement, Joyce has entertained over 5,000 people at 140 venues throughout East Lindsay and the Lincoln area with her public speaking.

She has been a regular visitor to venues across the Skegness and Spilsby area.

Michael Kerrigan, her son, said: “For her talks entitled ‘My Reel Life’ mum had previously used colourful display books to illustrate the scores of newspaper articles and cuttings that highlight her rise from humble housewife to high-powered director for a well-known cinema circuit.

“For the past six years, however - since taking onboard a more user-friendly computer - she augments her talks with audio visual aids to enhance her audience’s enjoyment.”

Now, from her laptop and integrated projection system, Joyce has been able to accommodate over one hundred people at a time, regaling them with an insight into her fascinating career history.

Joyce who lives in Sutton On Sea but travels all over this area, said: “Mastering the technicalities hasn’t always been easy but over time I have learned so many useful and enjoyable things with this kind of home computer.”

This high-tech aspect to her performances is due to her son Michael who has assisted his mother in adapting to the new equipment.

Michael continued: “When it comes to computer wizardry, my mum has it nailed.

At 83, and with a mental agility of someone half her age, she can proudly boast a wealth of experience using her PC,” he added.