Local artists’ internationally acclaimed exhibition to return home

Made in England on display in Italy.
Made in England on display in Italy.
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An exhibition which has travelled across Europe, showcasing the work of Skegness artists to widespread international acclaim will celebrate its triumphant finale back home this summer.

Digital artist John Byford’s Made in England exhibition will make its final appearance at the SO Festival in June following successful tours around Italy, Germany, Hungary and Sweden.

“Everyone has been over the moon with how well it’s gone, it’s been a huge success for all involved but eventually I would like to see the SO Festival as an end to it,” he said.

“It’s opened up a lot of doors and created a lot of opportunities but it’s time to start something new.”

The exhibition is expected to go on display at the Hildreds Centre’s H-Art Gallery which is planned to remain open throughout the festival between June 28 and July 7.

Mr Byford first requested local artists to submit work portraying ‘what their little corner of England means to them’ in April last year.

He was inundated with a rich and varied selection of paintings, sculptures and photography, from which he formed the exhibition.

Made in England has travelled extensively throughout towns partnered with Skegness through the transnational network and provided the local artists involved with opportunities to expand their horizons and meet other creative people.

Mr Byford believes it has kick-started something of an artistic awakening in the town, unearthing much hidden talent that was previously unknown about.

“We are fast becoming Brighton of the east coast, where art and culture are very strong,” he said.

Skegness town manager Stefan Krause told Mr Byford that his future exhibitions could possibly be displayed at the British and European Parliaments, through a scheme he had heard about.