Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue warn against using ‘plant pot heaters’ to heat home

Fire Engines on a call out.
Fire Engines on a call out.
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With temperatures expected to fall next week, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is urging everyone to be careful about how they heat their home.

The advice comes after one disastrous incident and a number of reports of people heating their homes by creating home made ‘plant pot heaters’.

Debbie Robinson, deputy community fire safety manager, said: “This week firefighters in Lincolnshire responded to a fire caused by a ‘plant pot heater’, which are home made heating devices made by candles being placed under an upside down plant pot. Fortunately no one was hurt but the potential for damage and harm was high, as all fires start as small fires.

“Candles always pose a fire risk. They should never be left unattended and always placed on a heat resistant surface and never in a situation where they are unstable or could be knocked over by members of the household, including pets. You should always keep candles away from items that could catch fire such as curtains or furniture.

“We realise that it is expensive to heat your homes at present, but would recommend portable thermostatically controlled oil filled radiators for small space heating.

“If you are having difficulty heating your home you could contact First Contact (for over 60s) on 01522782172 and Responders to Warmth on 0845 6064566 who will be able to offer advice and assistance.”

To discuss concerns or for a free home fire safety check, call 01522 580397 or email For more fire safety advice, visit