Lincolnshire dialect society Far Welter’d launches brand new website


The East Lincolnshire Dialect Society - known as Far Welter’d - has launched a website to ensure that the legacy of this endangered dialect will survive for future generations.

When the group was founded in 1999, the main reason behind it was the fear that the Lincolnshire dialect, in its spoken form, would eventually die out.

Far Welter’d decided on two key objectives to ensure the legacy of this dialect.

The first part of the legacy was the publication of ‘Inder-ends’, a collection of dialect poems and stories with an accompanying audio CD, back in 2015.

The second part of the legacy was a website, launched at the end of last year. This can now be found at

Far Welter’d secretary and treasurer, Tony Lazell, said: “This gives us a global presence, so anyone in the world who has an interest in Lincolnshire dialect – and there are a surprising number, including academics – can get in touch with us.”

Chairman Alan Mumby said: “We have to keep up with modern technology.

“The website is responsive, so it can be accessed on a mobile phone.

“There are some audio clips of dialect readings on the website, so if, in 20 years’ time, a youngster wants to hear, say, what their great grandfather sounded like, they can find out on their smart phone.”

Far Welter’d started life with just a handful of people in a quiet corner of the Mason’s Arms in Louth, reading out dialect pieces over a drink or two.

Now, the group has nearly 100 members, and they hold four informal gatherings a year at their ‘HQ’ at Great Carlton Village Hall.

Mr Mumby added: “Our first meeting of 2018 will be at Great Carlton in February.

“Just git out yer compooter, go to the Far Welter’d website, look in the news section, and find out fer yersen!”