Lincolnshire County Council to tender for IT

A new way of doing things will mean ‘even better value for money and increased flexibility’ for Lincolnshire County Council.

The council will shortly be tendering for a range of back-office services including IT, HR, finance, property and catering. Since 2000, all these services have been delivered under a single contract with Mouchel. This contract comes to an end in 2015, giving the council an opportunity to consider how its needs have changed and how suppliers can offer the best deals.

Coun Kelly Smith, Executive Member for Finance and HR, said: “Our partnership approach has proved very successful over the years. However, the world has changed considerably during the past decade, and we need to change with the times to make sure taxpayers are still getting the best value for money. One of the council’s main goals is to support our local economy. So we’ll be holding workshops later this year to make sure that all our businesses are aware of the opportunities this will bring.”