Lincolnshire County Council ‘disappointed’ with Glisten’s decision to close Skegness factory

The Glisten Factory, Skegness.
The Glisten Factory, Skegness.

It was announced earlier today that a Skegness based confectionery company Glisten has confirmed it is to transfer manufacturing to its plants in Leicester and the Czech Republic with a potential of 87 job losses.

It held a full consultation with the 87 employees and looked at all available options but has chosen to close the Skegness site at the end of March next year.

Both East Lindsey District Council and Lincolnshire County Council put forward suggestions as possible alternatives as a way forward.

But Mark Adcock, managing director, said it was a difficult decision but none of the proposed options ‘addressed the fundamental issue of the cost’ and ‘feasibility of increasing its manufacturing capacity in Skegness’, set against the fact that the firm has ‘spare capacity at other production facilities’.

Councillor Colin Davie, executive member for economic development, said on the news: “We’re obviously disappointed with the decision, but understand that the management have to take the option that they think will work best for them.

“I believe Lincolnshire is an increasingly attractive place in which businesses can invest and innovate, and think Glisten don’t fully understand the opportunities the county offers to companies with ambitious plans for growth.

“However, our focus now has to be on supporting affected staff. In particular, we’ll work closely with Job Centre Plus on helping them identify new opportunities, whether it’s in applying for other jobs, or retraining.

“We’ve recently worked with colleges and training providers to attract £2m of EU funding to retrain or upskill workers in Lincolnshire –or help them become self-employed – and we intend to use some of this money to help the staff at Glisten.

“Fortunately, we are seeing signs of growth across the Lincolnshire economy. And this is bringing fresh job opportunities, including 55 posts that were recently created at Home Bargains in The Hildreds Shopping Centre.”

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