Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service hits back over proposals to cut funding

East Lindsey District Council headquarters.
East Lindsey District Council headquarters.

Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) has been informed by East Lindsey District Council of a proposal to stop funding LCVS from April next year.

The proposals were announced this week as part of the district council’s proposed transformation programme for taking £6 million out of its budgets by March 2020.

The proposals also include stopping community and councillor grants from April 2016.

David Fannin, chief executive of LCVS, said: “We want all the groups we support in East Lindsey to know we are aware of the council’s proposals, we are concerned too and we will be doing all we can to work with East Lindsey District Council to find a way forward.

“I absolutely understand the very challenging funding decisions facing the council but fear some of these proposals are not the best way to achieve its goals.

“We know firsthand all of the vital work local groups do to support vulnerable communities and people and how devastating it can be and costly to the public purse when support networks are no longer there.

“Thriving, confident local communities are much more resilient and are the bedrock of a thriving local economy in East Lindsey. Lincolnshire CVS will do all it can at this critical time to help ELDC understand the social and economic impact of its proposals.

“We are looking forward to getting around the table with the council to try to find a solution. The proposed cut to Lincolnshire CVS funding is the equivalent of less than 50p for every council tax and caravan fee payer in the district per year but the effect would be hugely disproportionate.”

In previous years the council has provided £40,000 in its budget which enables LCVS to deliver vital support to community groups and charities in East Lindsey - helping them to recruit volunteers, operate effectively, bring in much needed funding and plan for the future.

In the six months from April 2015 - September 2015, in East Lindsey LCVS supported 60 groups and helped bring in funding totalling £200,000 as well as helping many local groups secure local district grant funding.

In the previous year, April 2014 to March 2015, in East Lindsey, LCVS supported successful funding bids in the district totalling £665,600, worked with hundreds of local groups and placed 89 people in volunteering roles in East Lindsey through the East Lindsey Volunteer Centre.

LCVS employs five people in East Lindsey in a mixture of full and part time roles. These jobs are put at risk by the proposals.