LETTER: We want to save our grammar schools


The destruction of grammar schools has led to the destruction of social mobility in our society.

In December 2013 the Secretary of State for Education blocked a grammar school being created in Kent.

Government policy is not to create anymore grammar schools.

There are now just 164 state grammar schools in the country, with 15 of them being in Lincolnshire, which are now potentially under threat in the future, as they become academies.

We find this very worrying.

We therefore in light of this call upon Lincolnshire County Council to recognise the importance of grammar schools and to reaffirm its commitment to protecting them.

To also write to the Secretary of State for Education asking for his assurance that our grammar schools in Lincolnshire are safe and under no threat.

Proposer: Coun Robin Hunter-Clarke. Seconder: Coun Victoria Ayling.

Coun Robin Hunter-Clarke

Lincolnshire County Councillor (Skegness South Division)Deputy Group Leader (UKIP)Skegness Town Councillor (Winthorpe Ward) Young Independence National Events Officer