LETTER: Please put bins back in their place


I know this probably seems a trivial matter to you, but I just had to vent my anger once and for all in the hope that you can highlight this in your paper.

It’s about the dustbin collections.

Why oh why can the collectors not put the 
bins back in the same 
place as they got them from?

Every time they have been emptied, and I mean every time, our bins are scrambled and all over the place including in front of other people’s drives and we have to play this little game of ‘hunt our bin’.

I am beginning to wonder whether they are doing this on purpose. We live in a small close in Skegness and although there aren’t many neighbours here it’s bad enough walking around to retrieve our bins so not to annoy others in the close.

The collectors come around any time between 7am and noon and with most of our neighbours going to work at different times of the morning, it must be infuriating having to move bins away from their drives before they go, especially if they’re pushed for time.

I wonder whether other people have this trouble or is it just our little patch of Skegness where they continually do this? I’d love to know.

Name and address supplied