LETTER: MP can step down if he wants to


Our representatives in Parliament can’t win whatever they do.

One minute people say ‘If they can’t stand the heat they should get out of the kitchen’.

Then when a politician does decide to get out, 
they still aren’t 

I’ve never voted Conservative at a General Election, but I find myself siding with Mark Simmonds now.

He’s standing down because he wants his family with him but he can’t rent a four-bedroom flat in central London for £28,000 a year. People don’t believe him, but have they bothered to check?

I did an online search and found nothing in Westminster under £30,000 a year, so I don’t struggle to take him at his word.

He hates staying in a hotel and doesn’t want to commute from the suburbs. Those are personal choices and we’re all entitled to make them. If our jobs won’t accommodate them, we quit.

If those complaining about his decision had a friend saying the same things, they’d reward them with ‘I don’t blame you 
mate’. But sadly, because Mr Simmonds is a politician, people seem to think they have the right to control not only his Parliamentary duties but his personal decisions 

Mark Simmonds was our representative, not our slave. He did his job – and judging by his increased majority, he must have done it pretty well – but now he’s had enough. It’s his choice. Stop crying about it.

Jim Hardaker