LETTER: Let’s get behind the new trust!

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So it has been agreed that a new charitable trust will run leisure and cultural services in East Lindsey.

I know there was a lot of discussion about this when it was first muted and a number of concerns raised.

But now that a decision has been made it’s time we all backed this new venture.

We have lots of wonderful leisure and cultural services in the area, not least the superb Embassy Theatre. What an attraction this is, and just think of the number of tourists this brings in. And what about the names who have appeared on the stage?

There is also the swimming pool and gym. This is another important asset to the town. It is important people continue to have somewhere they can go to help stay fit.

If this new way of working secures the future of this vitally important services then I’m all for it.

So now is the time to back this new trust - Magna Vitae. I am sure we all want it to succeed because that is the best outcome for everyone.

I wish everyone behind it all the best - and good luck!

B. Smith